What are effective tips for cleaning the windows with a water fed pole system?

Window cleaning is important due to many reasons. If it is not done correctly on the wooden framed windows then it can lead to issues, and some areas need to be treated correctly. If not, then water can get trapped in the wood, and it can leave dirty marks on the glass. For the cleaning of such a sash frame and window, professional follow a 2-stage approach:

  • First of all the frames are rinsed thoroughly, and proper water pressure is required so that all the impurities can be taken down from the framework.
  • Careful scrubbing is for the horizontal and deep part of the window frame & it is important to ensure there is no dirt left on the window pane.
  • When the glass becomes dry you can observe which option is best. The spray is not close to the glass pane, otherwise, it can leave a scratch on the upper frame.


The modern windows have several plastic panels in the windows, and these are placed with the large glass panels. With the vertical section, the dirt can easily incorporate in the frame and even reach the glass next panel. Sterilizing these frames is extremely important to prevent any issue. Here’s a breakdown of what needs to be kept in mind:

  • Use a degreaser
  • Sterilize framework fully i.e. removal of webs, dirt, and moss.
  • Scrub vertically particularly
  • Look for drip patterns and get back to those areas
  • Rinse off the vertical sections


Leaded windows look like cleaning needs a lot of effort. But, if you get it done right in the first go then there is no issue. Well, here you can use the lemon juice which is going to work the best. Lemon has citrus in it which helps to break down the dirt and grime so that the glass can be scrubbed easily.

If you are cleaning it for the first time then use water in excess and make sure you do it 2 times. This way the upper frame is not going to drip and in the final go the glass is rinsed correctly.


These are the windows which are present in the main living room windows and within the same frame, you can see 2 small windows and these can be opened outwards. If these are not cleaned correctly, then you will face problems.

  • For the first cleaning, these windows are cleaned before starting the work with upstairs windows. The panels can have dirt which makes the cleaning in the middle of the main glass panel extremely difficult.
  • The openers are scrubbed with the use of water, and they are rinsed for enough time. Once this is done completely, then another panel will be checked.
  • When the openers need to be cleaned then the small panels are rinsed off, and the upper frame is not given consideration.

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