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THE PLUS POINTS OF Window Cleaning London

Post cleaning, the windows are sparkling, and it gives a clear view of your shop premises.

The latest and improved methods of cleaning for stain and dirt removal.

Any build-up of bacteria and fungi is removed from all the windows.

Our cleaning method will not cause any damage to the window panel.

Our multiple steps of window cleaning will ensure there is no detergent residue on the windows.

Get your interior and exterior location looking great.

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Let your window shine with Siva Window Cleaning Wembley

Window Cleaning in London, Running a business or managing a commercial property gives you access to your potential customers. Of course, you need to deal with many things daily. One of the aspects is managing the building from the environmental effect.
In metropolitan cities, the windows can get dirty because of the increase in pollution. Also, you cannot brush off this problem from your list. We at Siva Window Cleaning gladly offer our customers with Window Cleaning Services in Wembley.
Whether you have skyline windows or a high rise block of apartment, we have got everything covered all for you. Fortunately, hiring our cleaning team means there is the use of only eco-friendly products and handles every task safely. Our Commercial Window Cleaners provide different methods to suit your needs and budget.

Improved and highest method for Commercial window cleaning
Traditional Commercial Window Cleaning

Siva cleaning team provides a traditional approach for window cleaning, especially for those with limited budgets and requirements are less. This service is used by residential customers. We use microfibre cleaning sleeves that are designed for removing the dirt, and it is fitted onto a handheld bar.
It needs to be soaked in water along with a cleaning solution to clean the glass properly. Once the soapy water is removed, the water which comes down is wiped with a microfibre dry cloth. When you get this done by the professionals it will give you the desired results.

Water fed pole

Water fed pole system is for windows with higher reach and helps to clean the frames, glass roofs, windows, uPVC facades, and cladding which is up to 75 feet from the ground. It makes it easier for cleaning the window, and it is under your budget as there is no need for expensive cradles or cherry pickers.
Our cleaning vehicle has the equipment and water tanks. We only use De-ionised water to give you the best possible results. This cleaning method does not harm the environment as no additives are added.


Abseiling is the window cleaning method for high block office buildings, penthouses, towering buildings, and residential flats. Our staff is trained and has years of experience. We provide the most efficient and safe solution for cleaning structural framework, windows, and facades without damaging the building structure.


For customers with high-rise buildings, there is a problem accessing the windows. To clean the windows, our cleaning team uses cherry pickers or elevated working platforms. This cleaning system provides flexibility to move around and clean the window. No matter which method of cleaning we use, all the safety and health regulations are followed. Our fully-trained technicians will provide you with on-time and quality service.

BMU cradles

BMU cradles are for high-rise buildings as they require regular maintenance. This method of cleaning is an economical solution for commercial windows. There is no height restriction, and you can clean the window. Our cleaning team will use the latest and improved method of cleaning.

What are the benefits of professional commercial window cleaning?
Curb Appeal

When you are running a commercial business it means you have immediate access to many clients. With the increase in the competition, you need to be different and better.
Maintaining a curb appeal is going to leave a positive impact on your customers. If the building looks attractive and clean, then your business is likely to stand out in the crowd.

Professional atmosphere

Companies often require their employees to follow a certain dress code. If your employees are well-behaved and professional, it leaves the right impression on the clients.

The same principle is for building appearance. When you hire an experienced team for window cleaning it shows a professional atmosphere that leads to business success.

Increased productivity

Research has shown employees are more productive when their surrounding environment is clean and tidy. It is another vital factor to look for a renowned commercial cleaning team. Siva window cleaning has gained the trust of thousands of customers from the past many years.

Get professional assistance

We aim to provide customers with the highest quality and on-time service. For first-class results every time, hire an elite commercial window cleaning team from Siva Window Cleaning.

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Fast and efficient service provided by Siva cleaning experts for my store. They arrived on time, and the entire team is easy to approach. Thanks to the entire team for the incredible work.

It becomes tough to manage the business and make sure the entire area is cleaned. Siva experts provided me the best window cleaning service. The entire team is helpful and professional.

Just like everyone else, I had the best cleaning service with Siva Experts. They showed up on time and worked hard to clean my store windows. They washed every inch of the window with perfection. I would highly recommend them to others and call them again for their budget-friendly service.