Window Cleaning: Some Interesting hacks to clean the window properly?

People often ignore that clean windows also plays an important role in making their good reputation in front of the outsiders. If you are not being able to clean the windows, then need not worry. In this article, we are going to talk about some interesting hacks which will help you with window cleaning.


If you are cleaning your windows then you should keep these things in mind that are mentioned below:

  • Mistakenly you broke the glass of the window while cleaning it, then you should pick the glasses with a bread.
  • Ladders might be slippery so make sure you are wearing good quality shoes which will help you in making the grip so that you will not fall.

Do dusting from time to time

You should clean the windows from time to time to make sure your window is dust free and help you in operating smoothly. We understand that dusting takes lots but it will help you in keeping the window clean.

Cleaning solution

If you are not having window cleaning solutions then need not worry. You can make it on your own. All you need is different ingredients to make the solution mentioned below:

  • Vinegar

You can take vinegar and elbow grease and warm water. Mix it properly and your solution is ready. Vinegar is beneficial and helps you in resolving all the strains from the window.

  • Dishwashing

If strains are stubborn, then you can add dishwashing to the vinegar solution. It will help you in removing all the strains very easily.

  • Black tea

Black tea is another hack which is quite beneficial for cleaning the mirrors as well as windows. All you need to do is make a black tea. Keep it for some time to cool down and add it into the spray bottle. Spray the tea on the window and clean it with a towel.

Pick newspaper

Newspapers are an old school technique to clean the window. All you need is water and a newspaper. Always remember to wear gloves while cleaning the windows will help you in keeping your hands safe from the ink.


We know that squeegees are used in petrol pump stations to clean your windscreen. But it can also help you in cleaning the window of your home. All you need to learn is the right procedure which you can easily learn with the help of the internet.


Blackboard dusters, as well as erasers, can help you in cleaning the streaks on the window easily. You can buy it easily from the stationery shops or can order online also.

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