What are the ways will help you in cleaning the glass of the window?


Siva Window Cleaning Wembley, London, Everyone loves spending the holiday with their loved ones instead of spending their whole day cleaning and here we share the ways that will help you in cleaning the glass of the window.

Ways help you in cleaning the glass of the window

Dryer sheets

With the help of dryer sheets, you can easily clean the mirror installed in the bathroom as well as clean your shower doors and fixtures. You need to clean the mirrors daily otherwise it will be hard for you to clean it.


With the help of clean towels, vinegar and grease you can clean the glass of the window isn’t a great idea? So try cleaning your glass this way.


With the help of the newspaper, we can clean the window easily. All you need is a bowl full of water, then sprinkle water on the class and clean it with newspaper.


If you are having scratches on the window or mirror, then you can clean it with the help of non-gel toothpaste. All you need to do is apply the Colgate on the clean towel and rub it on the window or mirror where scratches are there. After rubbing, clean the window with a cleaning cloth.


With the help of alcohol and elbow grease, you can remove all the strains on your window. Yes, you heard it right. If there is a strain which is not going after so much of hard work. Then try this method will help you in cleaning the window properly.

Black tea

You can clean the bathroom mirror with the help of black tea. You can make black tea at your home and leave it for an hour or so to cool down. Then take a spray bottle and transfer the tea into the bottle. Take a cloth with you. Spray the tea on the mirror and clean it with a cloth.

Dish soap

If your glasses are not clean and you are not able to see anything clearly, then take a dish soap. Put some soap on your glasses, then rub it and clean it with a cloth. You will be able to see clearly from your glasses.

Baking soda

If your gas stove is hard to clean then need not to worry. For that also we are having a solution for you. All you need is baking soda to clean the strains on the gas stove. Take a cloth and dip in hot water and add little dish soap in it. Keep the towel on the gas for 15 minutes and then clean the gas stove. Make sure you are cleaning it properly. You can also take another clean cloth to make sure that baking soda is removed from the gas stove.

After doing all the ways If still, you are facing problems in window cleaning then you need to call the expert and they will clean it for you.

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